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The Virtual World


Facebook is testing a new way to search its website, called “Graph Search.” Instead of searching for a person, one can search, for example, for “friends of Chris who live nearby and play soccer” to find relevant results--No estimate yet on how long until the service fully rolls out. Find us at USIndoor Sports and USIndoor Soccer.

Twitter-bird13-1.png The word, “hashtag,” was named "Word of the Year" for 2012 by the American Dialect Society. The ADS said hashtags “have created instant social trends, spreading bite-sized viral messages on topics ranging from politics to pop culture.” USIndoor is on Twitter at https://twitter.com/USIndoor.
google13.png Google+ launched to much fanfare, but usage of the service is very low. Graph Search, mentioned above, may help Facebook retain customers and keep them away from Google.


USIndoor Forums are making a comeback on LinkedIn! USIndoorOne (for facility members), The Crease (for indoor soccer referees), and its forum for "Startups and Expanding Facilities" are great places to connect with fellow facility operators, referees, corporate members, USIndoor and other industry leaders. You can ask questions, give advice, and disucss important topics. Follow the foregoing links, check your email, or use our website to get connected.

If you don’t know what people are saying about you on the social media channels, email michael@usindoor.com with your facility name. We’ll send you your digital scores. Also, if you’d like USIndoor to retweet your information, send your twitter name and hashtags.


Our Latest Score4 Results

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  • Marketing: 93% of respondents market their facilities by e-mail blasts, and 86% use their website and Facebook. Only 10% said they advertised on TV, and just 7% use Google+.
  • Communication Devices: 90% of respondents use a desktop computer, 79% use a mobile phone and 69% use laptops. Only 14% use tablets. Over half said they use a smartphone – One said he's been using it for six years!
  • How USIndoor can help: Respondents say the most helpful information that USIndoor can give is on facility management and sponsorship.
  • On the upcoming USIndoor Conference: Almost 50% said they’ll be there–See you this May!

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USIndoor.com attracts thousands of new visitors every month looking for local facilities and events. Submit your tournaments, events, and facility information to pr@usindoor.com, and get the news you want in front of your customers. Also, check out your customized USIndoor MicrositeConfLogo13sm.jpg!

Join us May 14-16 at the 13th Annual Facility Operators Conference and Tradeshow in Las Vegas!

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