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  • Score4: Monthly Facility Operators Survey—See below for last month’s results, and take this month’s survey covering some financial areas of interest.

  • Members-Only Reference Library: For practical tools to help run your facility, start a new project or learn about the indoor sports industry. (Write for a login reminder.)

  • USIndoorOne: Members-Only forum strictly limited to arena operators—An invaluable resource for sharing ideas and obtaining feedback with colleagues in matters most important to you.

  • New Interactive Features at "Read All About It."


April's Results

Take this Month's Survey

1. How is your indoor sports facility business faring, compared to last year?

Better:    67%
Worse:   10%
Same:    24%

2. How has participation changed at your indoor sports facility, compared to last year?

>+20%      10%
+10-20%    29%
+5-10%      33%
< (-)5%        5%
(-)5-10%     19%
<(-)10%       5%

3. In general, how would you describe your indoor sports facility’s financial success?

Excellent:          5%
Good:              62%
Fair:                29%
Disappointing:    5%

4. What are the most important benefits of joining USIndoor?

19%     Networking
22%     Resources (8% Insurance)
26%     Conference

Other Responses: GO Indoor, Industry Data, Indoor Soccer Programs, Industry Credibility

Find other tools that are available to facilities, startups and vendors:

  1. Facebook Industry Page
  2. Play4: Monthly Indoor Soccer Fans Survey
  3. Facebook Indoor Soccer Fans Page

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