Durbin Dollars are Waiting for You

On October 1, important legislation that reduces the amount you pay for processing debit card transactions goes into effect. The Durbin Amendment imposes a cap on debit interchange--or transaction fees--and every cent of savings you see adds up to valuable Durbin Dollars you can put to use for your business.


Get What's Coming to You!

This is exciting news for businesses like yours that accept debit card payments. What you may not realize is that before your Durbin Dollars can get to you, they go through your card processor--which may not be passing along these savings to your business.

Without exception, USIndoor member Heartland Payment Systems is sending every single dollar mandated in the Durbin legislation back to its merchants--just as intended. In fact, based on our calculations, the average Heartland merchant will see an additional $1,300 annually in Durbin Dollars. Don't hesitate to ask your current processor what they are doing with your savings.

To learn more about USIndoor's special member relationship with Heartland Payment Systems, call Heartland's Durbin information line at 888.475.2180 or visit GetYourDurbinDollars.com.

Learn about becoming a USIndoor Member at www.usindoor.com/membership/.



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