Lil' Pigskins Franchise Program

What better way to increase revenue and develop long-term facility fans than by combining an exceptional child development program and America’s most popular sport?

PigBoy26.jpgLil’ Pigskins offers the world's first child development program for football. The Lil’ Pigskins program has ten curricula for ten separate age groups, ages 18 months to 9 years old, and the company’s price matches any comparable child development program.

The Lil’ Pigskins’ program includes over 100 unique age-appropriate games structured according to proven child development techniques. Five of Lil’ Pigskins’ active consultants have Masters’ degrees and two have Doctorate degrees in Child Development. So Lil’ Pigskins brings together the best of body and brain development using the platform of America’s most prevalent sport.

Safe, non-aggressive, non-contact and comprehensive, Lil’ Pigskins focuses on enhancing each child’s athletic ability, leadership, confidence and knowledge of the game. From the Pigs class to Edge Advanced, Lil’ Pigskins ensures that every player throws, catches, and kicks a football every class. The Lil’ Pigskins program helps children learn about football, have fun playing with footballs, and improves kids' physical and mental well-being.

PigBoy19.jpgFor facility operators, Lil’ Pigskins is sure to get parental approval and can also be used to fill any “dead” time. Simon Brinklow, owner of two Lil’ Pigskin locations in Illinois, says, "Our biggest complaint is, ‘Why don't we offer more Lil Pigskins classes?’ Parents like the classes, and the equipment creates a great presentation. The older classes also keep the kids engaged. I am more than happy to endorse the Lil' Pigskins program."

In 2011, over one-third of the US population (111 million) watched the Super Bowl. According to the most recent Gallup Poll, 41% of Americans consider football their favorite spectator sport. Combining the sport’s popularity with educational expertise, Lil’ Pigskins increases immediate revenue while developing a facility's long-term customers.

To learn more about Lil’ Pigskins or watch an introductory video, visit www.lilpigskins.org. Contact: 304-617-4848 or info@lilpigskins.org.


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