USIndoor Launches Official Industry Forums

The United States Indoor Sports Association invites industry participants to join its new, secure, private discussion forums, dedicated to Facility Members, Startup and Expanding Facilities and Indoor Soccer Referees. While networking, idea exchange, learning, and community development are the objectives, it’s also ok if you simply want to listen.

JoinSubgroup.jpg “USIndoorOne” Facility Members-Only
JoinSubgroup.jpg “Startups and Expanding Facilities” Member and Non-Member Startups, Facility Operators, Industry Providers, and Other Professionals
JoinSubgroup.jpg “The Crease” Member and Non-Member Indoor Soccer Referees

Due to their exclusivity, once you request to “Join Subgroup,” please be sure to email with your pertinent information, such as business affiliation, title and whether you are a USIndoor member, which will expedite the approval process.

Michael Horn
Electronic Media Manager


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