USIndoor Announces Tournament Series

September 28, 2011 (VIRGINIA BEACH, VA)—The United States Indoor Soccer Association announced today a new Tournament Series, beginning this fall. More than 300 indoor soccer facilities have already received invitations to host official, sanctioned tournaments under the USIndoor banner.

WISC3323.jpgBesides piggy-backing off of the USIndoor brand, which will help organizers raise excitement and promote within and beyond their local markets, participating facilities and their tournaments can gain added publicity through USIndoor’s national and international marketing channels. Furthermore, each event becomes part of a grand tournament series, promoting the thrill of indoor soccer, strengthening ties between USIndoor members, and setting the foundation for a true championship.

What makes USIndoor’s Tournament Series really unique, however, is hosts’ ability to include already-scheduled tournaments in the Series, regardless of the time of year. In addition, there are NO NATIONAL ENTRY FEES.

WISC1023.jpgAll facilities are eligible to take part. They need only abide by a few minimum requirements, such as suitable insurance, USIndoor Referee Certification, conformity with official rules, and minimal signage—all designed to ensure a level of quality and consistency that will secure the USIndoor Tournament Series’ integrity as it grows and attracts sponsorship.

Organizers can visit USIndoor Tournament Series or write or call USIndoor directly to learn more, or Apply to Join the Series. Subject to demand, local hosts may also apply to USIndoor’s Tournament Committee to host regional and national tournaments or leagues, and non-member facilities may join USIndoor at Become a Member.

About the United States Indoor Soccer Association
Founded in 1998, the United States Indoor Soccer Association is a member organization consisting of approximately 325 indoor sports facilities. In 2009, USIndoor Soccer aligned with USIndoor Sports, and in 2011 they aligned with the Canadian Indoor Soccer Association and Canadian Indoor Sports. Together, these organizations offer a range of products and programs that support multi-sport indoor recreational sport facilities, including, for indoor soccer, Referee Certification, Official Rules, GOAL Online (magazine), and, via, online news and information, a tournament calendar and social media. “Corporate” members, consisting of industry providers, also offer numerous products and services, such as insurance, building construction, flooring, dasher boards, apparel, management software, youth programming, background checks, ATMs, office supplies, and consulting. The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association has estimated that the US indoor soccer market, alone, consists of 4.9 million youth and adult players.

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