Managing Utilities Spending in the Modern Era

A USIndoor Webinar presented by Affiliated Power Purchasers International

Thursday, October 6th at 3pm ET

CAO Credit Hours: 1

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Learn what decisions you can make to manage and reduce energy expenses:

  • How deregulation affects your business
  • Questions to ask your utility providers
  • Negotiating energy prices
  • Facility audits
  • Lighting retro-fitting
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Energy management systems

2011-2012 Webinar Series Schedule

Learn More about USIndoor's Webinar Series.

August 25, 2011 Leveraging Social Media Without Losing Your Mind (Register Today.)
October 6, 2011 Saving on Utility Spending in the Modern Era
October 19, 2011 Structuring, Selling and Surviving Holiday Tournaments and Clinics
November 16, 2011 How to Clone Your A-List Employees
February 8, 2012 Getting Ready for Summer Camps
March 21, 2012 Connecting with Alpha Parents (FREE, Members-Only)
April 11, 2012 Overview for Running a Lacrosse Program

Pat Hade
Media Manager


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