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Whether you are looking for a structure for tennis, golf, soccer, ice and field hockey, multi-sport, construction, you will find that Yeadon Fabric Domes’ 30 years of experience provides sensible solutions unmatched by anyone in the Industry. Yeadon sports structures can be found worldwide, and we’re proud to say that we built the world’s largest air-supported indoor soccer structure in Laval, Quebec.

The Company
Yeadon, a full service company, will assist you at every phase of your air structure project development. We’ve installed hundreds of domes worldwide. Yeadon can also provide you with signed and stamped engineered drawings for your project. The Yeadon company also has a 24 hour service hotline, so any questions are immediately answered.

Yeadon Soccer Domes
Features of Yeadon structures include: An aluminum base attachment channel cast into the concrete beam for quick and easy put-ups and take-downs, high profile sidewalls for maximum headroom, high gloss 16oz inner liner, the highest quality doors, modern reflective lighting systems, with the industry leading computerized controls for maximum energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. Plus, there is very little maintenance with a Yeadon structure, and that maintenance doesn’t take much time or effort.

Yeadon’s customer list of soccer dome users features numerous world-class organizations, including: the English Premier league’s Fulham Soccer Club, Cleveland State University, the University of Toronto and the US Academy of Soccer.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your players come in out of the cold.

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