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Confidentiality Policy

Certain agreements with USINDOOR contemplate the delivery of confidential information, pertaining to personal, sales, contact and other market data, to a select group of corporate members, whether by email, other written correspondence, or word of mouth. Because any unauthorized disclosure of this information could dilute the value of such agreements, such members must agree to be responsible for the information's security.

If COMPANY desires to receive such information, please indicate here and outline the measures that COMPANY will take to protect USIndoor's confidential information from being disclosed or becoming available to any unauthorized personnel or third party (e.g., employee, agent, independent contractor or other third party.)

Please describe how COMPANY will communicate and enforce USINDOOR's confidentiality requirements respecting personnel with authorized access to USINDOOR's confidential information, and attach your required confidentiality agreement, if any. (USINDOOR's form of confidentiality agreement is available upon request.)

Please identify all formal and informal relationships of COMPANY (including of its employees and agents), which do or could involve the sharing of trade information relating to the indoor sports industry, including whether COMPANY can and would strive to control the dissemination of confidential information any such relation received from USIndoor:

Relationship Description/Product(s) Controllable?

In addressing concerns with the foregoing relationships, any information that you could provide to assist USINDOOR in involving other companies in the membership program would be appreciated (attach pages as necessary):

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