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USIndoor learning opportunities combine a number of archived resources, survey data, learning programs and interactive forums dedicated to helping members achieve their business and personal goals.  Our "Seven Principles of Learning":

  1. Learning involves support and challenge. You'll be encouraged to take risks, question assumptions, and fully engage in the learning process.
  2. Learning requires changing thought followed by action. You'll examine your own beliefs and consider new perspectives, while being provided with the tools to put ideas into action.
  3. Learning is an ongoing process of self-discovery. You'll become more self-aware, gaining understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs.
  4. Learning should be relevant and authentic. The Center's learning experiences will strive to relate to your needs and your own experiences.
  5. Learning best succeeds where participants and instructors contribute equally. The Center's experiences will encourage mutual ownership in the development and process of the learning experience.
  6. Learning is a social activity and happens best within a trusting community.  The Center's learning experiences provide a friendly, welcoming environment and strive to build personal connections and a community among participants.
  7. Learning experiences should surprise and delight. The Center's learning experiences are fun, interesting and meaningful.

What You Need to Know and Where to Get It

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Certified Arena Operator Program
Trade Publications
Industry Surveys--Financials and Demographics*
Mentor Program*



Annual Conference
Research Library*
Forms and Manuals*
Facility Operators Forum*
Open Research Forum (Facebook)

+ Certified Arena Operator Program: USIndoor's intensive 2-Day credentialing program held in conjunction with USIndoor's Annual Conference every even year.  Curriculum covers strategic decision-making, programming trends, cost controls and best practices applicable to everyday operations.
+ Annual Conference: Since 2001, USIndoor's Facility Operators Conference & Trade Show has attracted facility owners and managers, startups, industry providers, sponsors and other professionals for learning, doing business and community building.
+ Trade Publications: USIndoor's Official Magazine, GO Indoor, rulebooks, industry newsletters, archives and more.
+ Research Library*: Search USIndoor's online index for links to articles and other resources based on interest.
+ Industry Surveys--Financials and Demographics*: Surveys and results useful to business planning.
+ Mentor Program*--For new facility owners and startups seeking guidance and a informed personal connection with an experienced operator.  Goals of the Program are to promote positive relations throughout the USIndoor community and to ensure that every USIndoor member has the greatest chance of success.
+ Forms and Manuals*: USIndoor's community resource dedicated to the development of operational guides and manuals, business plans, forms and marketing templates.
+ Facility Operators Forum*: Secure, password-protected forum exclusively for existing facility operators--Vendors, service providers and startups prohibited.  Contact USIndoor for other forums suitable to startups, providers and referees.
+ Open Research Forum: Open forum for existing operators, startups and industry providers (Facebook).




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